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Lego City Undercover



Lego City Undercover 


I like Lego City Undercover. I wish the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch port of Lego City Undercover was a sequel, or even a prequel of the two years Chase McCain was gone. I don't mind a port. What I do mind is that sixty dollar price tag for such an old game. Lego City Undercover has received a visual upgrade, and the loading times are not as horrible. The loading times are still long in Lego City Undercover though. There are also still bugs and glitches. Lego City Undercover crashes still, and it is really annoying. Why is the Internet required for Lego City Undercover? I do not like that one bit. I wish Lego City Undercover supported total offline video game play. Not every family has the Internet so WB Games is shooting themselves in the toes with Internet required.

Lego City Undercover is rated E10+. That means only people ten years old and older are allowed to play Lego City Undercover according to the ESRB. They do not think anyone under the age of ten should ever play Lego City Undercover. The two ESRB descriptors for Lego City Undercover are Cartoon Violence, and Crude Humor. Family Friendly Gaming paid fifty dollars of the total sixty dollar cost of Lego City Undercover. I paid ten dollars because I like Lego City Undercover so much and will play this game multiple times. There are still plenty of cool things to find and use in Lego City Undercover. I will try to have a review for Lego City Undercover in issue #119 of the always exceptional Family Friendly Gaming magazine, and e-magazine. I might even do some videos if WB Games ever is professional and responds to inquires on their video policy for this game.
{04/16/2017} - Kid Gamer


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