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Horizon Zero Dawn



Horizon Zero Dawn 


The story is the cliche robots took over the world and you have to rise up and kill them because you can. Since this game is based in a post-apocoliptic world you find remnents such as the focus the main character has which allows her to see through walls and such to highlight enemies. The robots almost always look like animals and they are in a large selection of animals as well. Some of said animals you can hack and ride, but most of what you hack only fights for you in combat with other machines. The machines that are rideable do not control very well and when you get hit - you get kicked off the machine, and then it freaks out and attacks everything or reverts to original state in some incidents. The main character is weak so far in the game which makes you have to spend hours getting meat to make potions or you will die a lot. From early on in the game you can explore a massive area prior to unlocking the whole world and all of the many side quests that reward you with scraps and materials.

The logic in how you stay hidden is even better than the infamous Box from Metal Gear as you crouch in grass and they can't find you even if you are completely visible. Then if you don't shoot the enemy with an assortment of traps and weapons you can kill the enemies with a spear. This makes one of the worst sounds when used on a human as it tries to simulate the gore in sound. Thankfully every machine has weak spots that you can exploit such as the eye of a watcher is almost always a one shot, however the aiming can sometimes be a bit of a pain even with the broken aim assist that goes around corners. Every weapon in the game has elemental ammo such as fire arrows or freeze bombs. Personally I prefer to set up tripwires and traps and then whistle or throw rocks to get the enemies in the trap. That is also the least gore intense as the explosion makes the blood not visable as it unrealisticly sprays everywhere. The armor also gives certain buffs such as increased stealth or melee abilities. The game also has a RPG leveling system in which you increase certain attributes to get new skills such as the whistle or stealth takedown. They become your lifeline fast as they are consistently used to take out one enemy at a time.
{03/20/2017} - Teen Gamer


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