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Harvest Moon Skytree Village



Harvest Moon Skytree Village 


Harvest Moon Skytree Village shoves the religious belief of a goddess down our throats. We also have to deal with these magical sprite characters. They can help do things for you like water the plants. Sorry I am not lazy, I like to do chores myself. There are sexually suggestive themes as the harvest goddess is barely dressed. This is seen right from the beginning of the game. How did the ESRB miss the lack of attire? What is it exactly that the ESRB does? I ask that question because it is not report on the content within the games. Some company out there needs to do a game like Harvest Moon without all of this false goddess religious content. I like the rest of the game. Sadly all of their religious content that attacks God, and the Judaeo-Christian belief set ruins this hand held video game. When will Natsume listen to the super majority of Americans and learn that?

The longer I played the more I could do. I had to constantly do things for other people. Getting certain fish was really hard and annoying. In fact fishing is broken in Harvest Moon Skytree Village in my opinion. I could lose really expensive bait over and over again. Then I tried no bait and caught all kinds of fish. Harvest Moon Skytree Village is worth around five to ten dollars brand new in my opinion. Too much offensive content. A review of Harvest Moon Skytree Village on the Nintendo 3DS will appear in issue #116 of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until then do not spend anymore than ten dollars on Harvest Moon Skytree Village brand new.
{01/07/2017} - Yolanda


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