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Dragon Quest Heroes II



Dragon Quest Heroes II 


Dragon Quest Heroes II is slightly better than the first game. There are numerous issues families will be wary of in this hack and slash role playing video game. Dragon Quest Heroes II made me turn off the volume in my controller since it likes to talk to us through it. That is really annoying. The issues families can have with Dragon Quest Heroes II is violence, blood, magic, enticement to lust, lack of attire, religious indoctrination into believing in false gods, goddess, and more. The voice acting is an acquired taste. I don’t like that flavor myself. Maybe you do. Why can't we get a mainline Dragon Quest game released in the USA? I want Square Enix to answer that question more than the question we get a lot. What is the question we get a lot? Why is the PR and Marketing for Square Enix failing Family Friendly Gaming so completely?

Dragon Quest Heroes II is a strong thirteen and older video game that is only for the older members of the family. I believe Dragon Quest Heroes II is worth around twenty dollars brand new. I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of this game for this review. The Square Enix PR and Marketing failures continue for some unknown reason. I will try to have a review for Dragon Quest Heroes II in the upcoming issue of the great Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. I hope to hit issue #121. If not, then it will definitely be isue #122. Dragon Quest Heroes II is one of those games that gets boring really quickly. Especially with their religious indoctrination of their goddess beliefs. They know it offends Christians in America. They don't care anymore. They want to brainwash American teenagers into their religious belief set.
{07/07/2017} - RPG Master


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