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Digimon World Next Order



Digimon World Next Order 


My heart is warm with gratefulness that Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Digimon World Next Order on the PS4 for this review. I wish I knew why the PR and Marketing over at Bandai Namco Games failed us so. Such is life I suppose. Conservative and Christian media outlets are experiencing high levels of discrimination. Maybe that is why there are such failures in PR and Marketing. Maybe it is because they refuse to obey the US Constitution. Maybe it is because they are truly haters of those that embrace truth and love. I do not know their hearts so I will not make judgements on them. We encourage members of Family Friendly Gaming Universe to ask them why they act this way. Don't they want sales? Maybe they do not want to hear a diverse opinion from the bought off gaming media.

The battle system in Digimon World Next Order is horrible. We can watch it all happen, and interact as we see fit. Sometimes we get involved too late and the Digimon lose all their health. Which can help them get sick and fatigued faster. Certain items are needed to heal them, and let them go to the bathroom. We can only have two Digimon on us at a time. They are on the screen and seen. I will try to have a review for Digimon World Next Order in issue #121 of the great Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Until then do not spend a lot of money on this game. It is horrible on so many levels. You can thank me later. If you like animal simulators, and Digimon then you might like Digimon World Next Order. But I doubt it.
- RPG Master


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