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Destiny 2 


Destiny 2 is a FPS made by Bungie and Activision. Destiny 2 is considerably less graphic than other FPS games, with way less gore and way less or no profanity. Destiny 2 has high end graphics and a nice soundtrack. With that said, so far Destiny 2 is online only which could lead to ISP fines. Destiny 2 has AI in the first mission which makes me ask, why isn't this game offline as well? I found that the matchmaking in Destiny 2 wasn't the best as I would get bad teammates and be Vs. Streamers from Twitch. The beta of Destiny 2 had the first mission, 2 PvP maps, 2 PvP modes and a strike. It seemed as if they thought of everything in Destiny 2 since we have a video on our channel of us trying to get to a closed off area. Check it out here.

The gameplay in Destiny 2 is team based so if you are a lone player you will struggle. Destiny 2 has 3 classes each with their own sub classes Warlocks, Voidwalker and Dawnblade, Titans, Sentinel and Striker, and finally Hunter, Arc Strider Gunslinger. I found a liking to the Striker Titian in Destiny 2 as seen in our YouTube videos. With that said I found that Warlocks are the easiest to get out of the map with. Destiny 2 beta is stable except for the grenade glitch, Voidwalkers can have unlimited grenade. I found that in Destiny 2 you can use any weapon to get success in the PvP game modes. I found that Destiny 2 is not the best for families (older members of the family only) or people who have small Internet plans as Destiny 2 is online only. We plan to have a review up for Destiny 2 after launch of the game. Please note I paid for the pre-order of Destiny 2.
{07/27/2017} -Teen Gamer


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