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Daily Bible Jigsaw 


All ya'll know how we feel about the repeat pay to play apps. We have written helpful articles on how free app is a lie. We have also listened to thousands of ya'll who feel "free apps" are deceptive. So you can imagine my initial reaction when I was contacted concerning Daily Bible Jigsaw. As you can imagine it is a free app. It falls under repeat pay to play umbrella. The design of Daily Bible Jigsaw is such that you can play one jigsaw puzzle a day. Then you have to spend coins to play any more of them. Families can use real money, or watch advertisements to earn coins. I could not find any reasonable priced one time payment to get rid of ads and have enough coins to play the entire game. I would have not even touched Daily Bible Jigsaw, except for the Biblical part. That caught my eye. I wanted to know just how Biblical Daily Bible Jigsaw is on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. I played Daily Bible Jigsaw on the iPhone.

Internet usage fees were the only thing that cost me in terms of downloading Daily Bible Jigsaw. I did not purchase anything within the game. When it stopped me from playing I consider that a design flaw. The jigsaw puzzles produce nice pictures with Bible verses. That part of Daily Bible Jigsaw is really cool. We love jigsaw puzzle games here at Family Friendly Gaming. There is one part of Daily Bible Jigsaw that we all despise. Well on top of the repeat pay to play design. It is the rotation. We have to rotate the pieces to find where they belong. This is so annoying. I wanted to turn rotation off. I have played plenty of jigsaw video games where rotation can be turned off. So I know it can be done. I wish Daily Bible Jigsaw had a pay one price for the entire game and let us play all of the jigsaw puzzles within it. Then maybe purchase add on packs or something. Daily Bible Jigsaw looks nice and it sounds good.
{02/01/2017} - Paul


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