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Community Inc 


My heart beats in a grateful rhythm because tinyBuild sent Family Friendly Gaming a digital download code for Community Inc on Steam. This PC video game comes from developer T4 Interactive. This is a really small download too. Community Inc is only 200 meg. We were warned that we were getting a Beta version of Community Inc. That meant there are definitely glitches in this interesting town building video game. Players can pick normal, peaceful, or free play modes in Community Inc. I had issues putting in my workers name in Community Inc when I first started to play it. The EIC came over and got it working for me. It is astounding how many things work for him. It is like he is a computer program whisperer or something. There are adjustments on vegetation, minerals, animals, and challenges in Community Inc. There is a range from 600 to 8,000 in terms of the starting loan to get your town going.

I really like the music in Community Inc. The sensitivity on the controls of looking around is a bit touchy for my tastes. I went into the options and did not find a way to adjust it. I ran into a plethora of glitches while playing Community Inc. I placed things places and my builders did nothing to start building them. I brought in new workers who stood around and did nothing. My comments to these knuckle draggers were probably pretty funny. Others around here at Family Friendly Gaming were laughing at me. Community Inc has a variety of things to do. We can forage, build plantations, build new buildings, craft, interact with items, trade, and research. You will need to research to unlock certain objects. Like the animal pen for example. There are contracts we can accept or reject in Community Inc. We can be diplomatic with other races, or go to war with them. All of my workers started as builders. I could then give them a different profession. Then they would start to do stuff.

I like Community Inc. It has a ways to go before it is ready for the gaming community. I hope Community Inc makes it to the consoles. I could imagine playing Community Inc on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Community Inc has a slow pacing that might turn off some gamers. I was not into it at first. Others here are really into that pacing in a video game. I hope Community Inc improves before it is officially launched.
{08/02/2017} - Teen Gamer


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