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I am torn concerning ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. There are things I like about this game, and there are things I absolutely despise. I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased this fighting game after the failures of the PR and Marketing firm working for Nintendo. ARMS is not worth sixty dollars. It is worth twenty to twenty-five dollars at most. Even than that might be a bit high. We paid twice that much so we feel like a lot of money was wasted on ARMS. The stretchy arms of the characters makes for a strange fighting game. Add different hands into the mix and ARMS can have some strategy for the few characters that are included. Interesting idea Nintendo, it just needed to be fleshed out a bit more. At least that is my opinion.

The modes in ARMS are Grand Prix, Versus, Party Match (online), Ranked Match (online), Friends (online), Local (nearby Players), Training, Help, Stats, Set Arms, and Get Arms. I am shocked at how light the content is in ARMS. There are eleven fighters in ARMS. The game play mechanic in ARMS is very interesting. It does not always work properly in terms of targeting though. Which led me to all kinds of frustration. I plan on having a review of ARMS on the Nintendo Switch in issue #123 of Family Friendly Gaming. Can you believe we are working on issue #123? That is insane. That is crazy. Expect to find out more information about ARMS in that issue. Four family members can play ARMS on the Nintendo Switch if you have that many Joy Con controllers. Each player needs two Joy Con controllers.
{08/24/2017} - Paul


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