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The Kindred 


Family Friendly Gaming requested a digital download code for The Kindred on Steam. Since I am writing this you should be able to come to the conclusion that Family Friendly Gaming received a digital download code for The Kindred on Steam. This PC video game is in Alpha. I know what many of ya'll are wondering. No we were not paid to play the game in Alpha. I completely understand that sentiment that gamers should be paid to be QC analysts when they are playing Alpha versions of video games. I will not dwell on that very important issue in the video game industry in this preview. The Kindred is sort of a Minecraft clone with a few important twists. What are they? I will try to explore them in this preview.

I played the 5.1 version of The Kindred on the Personal Computer (PC). I was able to play local offline and set the difficulty, world size, and terrain generation. There was a seed number and I was able to translate. The Kindred is really nice to players by explaining how things can be done. We have a family of blocky people in a blocky world that we assign tasks to. Think of this like assigning jobs or chores to each family members. They can have more than one as well. They will perform those duties when the opportunity presents itself. Like farming after an area is created for crops. Or taking care of animals once a zone is provided. The Kindred is almost like a mixture of Minecraft and Harvest Moon. The main difference is the characters will take care of things for you.

The music in The Kindred is so quiet that it is almost silent. I noticed The Kindred lagged from time to time. I kind of expect that from an Alpha version of a video game though. I am not a fan of games going out to the public before they are ready. I like how easy it is to build things in The Kindred. From walls to objects. Yes there is a crafting table in The Kindred. I wish someone would come up with a new name for it. How about Work Bench? I will accept all gratuity payments for any company that takes my idea and makes money with it.
{10/19/2016} - WMG


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