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The Final Station 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a digital download code for The Final Station on Steam recently. This is the Beta version of the game. Gamers that like to see games before they are finished are the ones that generally play Beta versions of games. Maybe they are trying to get practice for the Quality Control (QC) jobs. Some might even put the work down on their resumes to get a QC job. BTW some places call it QA for Quality Analysis or Quality Analyst. To me The Final Station is like a blocky Resident Evil. Take Resident Evil (a macabre and morbid franchise) and use block Terraria like graphics. The Beta version of The Final Station contains the first chapter only. There will be five when it finally releases.

The Final Station was only thirty meg to download. The Steam page lists it at much higher. I suspect that has to do with the full, complete, and final version of this Personal Computer video game that does not contain a physical copy. I ran into glitches while playing The Final Station. I also saw alcohol, drugs, violence, blood, gore, profanity, and more. Players are on a train in The Final Station and they stop at stations. We collect items, food, drugs, ammo and more in The Final Station. Players can not see what is in an area until they step into it. Which makes The Final Station difficult. Plus there is a lack of ammo in The Final Station. The enemies like to come out of nowhere and attack the player. What is really bad is trying to hit some of their helmets off so we can head shot them.

The only way to leave a station is to find the code that is hidden somewhere in that station. I felt like a scavenger playing The Final Station. I found it hard to survive in The Final Station. This is one tough disposable video game. There is a real lack of direction in The Final Station. I had to figure out what to do, and how to survive. Violent gamers will appreciate multiple weapons in The Final Station. I expect The Final Station will earn the seventeen and older ESRB rating. The violence, blood, gore, horror themes, profanity and more back up that expectation.
{06/05/2016} -Teen Gamer


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