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Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise 


Family Friendly Gaming was recently provided a CD for Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise. There are twelve songs on this bluegrass CD. The songs are Hitchhiking to California, East Tennessee Sunrise, Little Moonshine Johnny, Stitzenburg Breakdown, Walking the Floor, Jennifer Dale Breakdown, The Lord Will Make Away Somehow, You're The One, Freda Florentine, When Someone Wants to Leave, Riding on the Clouds, and Born Again. It is great to see physical copies of music still making it to the market. It shows support of the amazingly popular physical copy movement. There is definite musical talent exhibited on the Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise CD. You better like bluegrass though. You also better enjoy instrumental music since there is a high volume of them on the Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise CD.

The lessons on the Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise CD are being with a woman you love, outrun those trying to get you, outsmart those trying to steal from you, how bad it is to break promises, how much pain some people cause others, stressing out because of others, God will make a way, being close to the ones we love, holding onto someone who no longer loves you, and becoming born again in Jesus. The vocals in Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise are hard to pin down. Some of them are excellent in some songs. Others did not really connect with me personally. The ones that did fit the theme of this CD. There are plenty of upbeat songs in on the Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise CD. I love the elements of faith and relationship with God are included on the Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise CD.

East Tennessee Sunrise, Stitzenburg Breakdown, Jennifer Date Breakdown, Freda Florentine, and Riding on the Clouds are instrumentals. I am not really big on instrumental personally. I like to hear lyrics and some kind of a story or message. That is just me personally. I am not big on Beethoven or Bach. I don't deny the talent. I am not into that kind of music personally. Bluegrass is interesting to me, and has its place. Especially when we are talking history. I guess the same argument can be used for Beethoven or Bach. Maybe my dislike for instrumental music comes from being forced to listen to it in public school by busybody liberals who demanded we "broaden our horizons." All they did was make me despise art and instrumental music. I guess they failed in their goals. Something the political left should be used to by now. The Lord Will Make Away Somehow is my favorite song on the Stuart Wyrick East Tennessee Sunrise CD.
{08/09/2016} - Paul


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