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Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a copy of the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High CD. The UPC on the back has a big black 'X' written over it. So the FCC can understand we were not provided anything with any value whatsoever. Our preview of this product does have a value to it, and we were not financially compensated for that. There are twelve songs on this CD. They are Aim High, Deceitful King, Love Brings You Home, A Man Of Your Word, Go Ahead And Tell Me What To Do, Not Now, Mountain Swing, Living, Good Road, Closer To The Shore, Common Man's Train of Thought, and Short Life Full Of Trouble.

Some of the lessons found on the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High CD are to do your best, stay grounded, murder is punished since we need to expel the evil from our midst, love takes you home, life has some rocky road, remembering the past, pain from loss, letting women have their way, tell me what to do, keep your word, make time for your children, things of the world are not as important as our families, we are wrong in what we think others are doing, how to define living, letting other people define our existence, making the wrong choices, taking the wrong road, take the right path, looking forward to heaven, who serves the people, who cares about the common man, life is short, and life is full of problems.

There are fast and slow songs on the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High CD. The fast ones exhibit quite a talent on the banjos. The vocals are pretty good in Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High. Family Friendly Gaming has heard this band before. The melodies on the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High are pleasing to the ear. The CD case flips out left, and then one flips out to the right. It winds up giving us six square spaces. The Air Force motto in the name of this CD gave my hubby a laugh. He loves to comment on how all they had to do in the Air Force was aim high. No real action required after aiming. The Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High CD does aim high. The songs on Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle Aim High that I really like are Aim High, and Not Now.
{07/09/2016} - Yolanda


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