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Road To Ballhalla



Road To Ballhalla 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a beta code for Road To Ballhalla on Steam. We were not provided any payment for playing and finding bugs in a game that has not reached its final release. What do families do in this Personal Computer video game? We roll a ball around the maze like levels avoiding traps, collecting orbs and finding the end goal spot. Sounds really easy and fun right? Parts of Road To Ballhalla can be. There are balance issues with this downloadable only video game. Road To Ballhalla is a 583 meg download. Families on economy Internet plans will need to be aware of that. I could not find any information about a physical copy version of Road To Ballhalla for the extremely popular physical copy movement.

The graphics in Road To Ballhalla are small. The music is cool. There are comments that could be taken in a sexual manner. I think Road To Ballhalla was trying to be funny. I did not laugh once at any of the comments in Road To Ballhalla. Some of the messages irritated me. So Road To Ballhalla did create an emotional reaction. It is so easy to die in Road To Ballhalla. I can not believe how easy it is to die in Road To Ballhalla. The health of the ball drops way too fast. There is an area in Road To Ballhalla that tells us not to enter. So you know what I did right? Road To Ballhalla insulted me for doing it. It also insulted me when I rage quit levels because it was too annoying. Road To Ballhalla feels like a console game that does not feel right on the computer.
{08/02/2016} - Luke


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