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RBI Baseball 2016



RBI Baseball 2016 


I am pleasantly surprised with RBI Baseball 2016. First off there is a physical copy of this game, and it is solid, decent baseball action for families. The options and menu screens are very minimalist. RBI Baseball 2016 also costs one third of what MLB 16 The Show came out for. Trying to calculate that out? RBI Baseball 2016 sells for under twenty dollars. I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased it since the PR & Marketing for RBI Baseball 2016 were not competent to reply to any inquires from FFG. Sadly we have seen a major decline in gaming PR and Marketing in recent years. Thankfully Family Friendly Gaming has ways of dealing with it.

I am being lenient on RBI Baseball 2016 because I do not expect it to compete with a simulation like MLB 16 The Show. RBI Baseball 2016 is not at the level of an arcade game, but it does not contain all the simulation elements either. What do I mean by that? There are not exaggerated hits or pitches in RBI Baseball 2016 like there is in say The Bigs for instance. Ultimately RBI Baseball 2016 is a fun game for families. It costs way less than MLB 16 The Show, which is something families will appreciate. I will have a review of RBI Baseball 2016 in issue #108 of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. Go here for videos of this game.
{06/04/2016} - Frank


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