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For the second year in a row Konami's PR and Marketing has failed Family Friendly Gaming. Their loss. We have played both the Fifa game this year and now the PES game. We are ready to declare PES 2017 the winner of the soccer wars this year. We like PES 2017 much more than we like Fifa 17. The game play is so much better for PES. It feels more like real soccer. The highly divisive and extremely controversial religious word evolution is still being used in this franchise. Konami obviously does not care about who they offend. They are losing sales from it, but are too arrogant to listen. The music can be a pain to turn off in PES 2017. The music is better in PES 2017. The graphics are better in PES 2017. There are more options in PES 2017. There are more things to do in PES 2017.

The announcers in PES 2017 are good. There are even some classic teams in PES 2017. I wish PES 2017 had the American teams and the American leagues in it. There are others like UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, AFC Champions League, and more in PES 2017. There are enough teams in PES 2017 to keep most families busy for a few months. I will try to get a review of PES 2017 into the Reviews section of issue #113 of the fun Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. Until then look for PES 2017 for twenty dollars. Maybe a bit more. That is around the value I will give to this soccer video game. Families can play some really good soccer action in PES 2017. It can be difficult to tell who has the ball after two players are fighting over it. Careful with sliding tackles, the refs are very card happy.
{10/16/2016} - Paul


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