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Family Friendly Gaming was given a preview code for Overcooked on Steam. This cooking based game starts us in the future. An evil spaghetti monster is attacking the onion kingdom. Players must chop food quickly and deliver it to the monster. Once the player fails then they get transported back in time to train. Team 17 Digital is publishing Overcooked in Q3 2016. Ghost Town games is the developer of Overcooked. The graphics look okay, and the sounds are nice in Overcooked. The low timer is what makes Overcooked really difficult. I tried my best swapping chefs, and did worse level after level until I could unlock no more levels. I was still in the first world. Another problem is the controls are a bit loose in Overcooked. It can be hard to place things properly in Overcooked.

Another issue I had with Overcooked is items cook too fast in the pot. I can't walk another chef over to drop in the next one before it gets too hot. Overcooked will have fires if you leave something on the burner too long. If that were not bad enough plates have to be cleaned before they can be used again. Only having a couple of plates added to my frustration. If I were a paid consultant for these companies I would tell them to add time for casual gamers, and to make a bit easier to get things done. I see hope for Overcooked if those things are done. As the game stands now the timing is off, and it creates real world frustrations. It is cool to see another cooking game coming to the market. I hope there are physical copies of Overcooked too because digital downloads have no value.
{07/16/2016} - Mark


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