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Need for Speed 


Need for Speed is one of those franchises that needs a long vacation. Or maybe it just needs to retire. This video game was released on the Personal Computer, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Family Friendly Gaming rented a copy on the PS4. This game might as well be called Need for Speed Online since families are forced to always be online with this horrible racing video game. On the home consoles am Xbox Live Gold, or Playstation Plus membership is needed to play with other players. What is the point of having an online mode that pretends to be offline? Just give us the offline mode already!

Some of the bad content families will run into are offensive images (like the middle finger), enticement to lust, sexual innuendo, bad language, violence, running from the police, encouragement to commit crimes, dark graphics, cell phone directions without words on the screen, making your own waypoints from verbal directions, and headaches from the lights. I hate having to play a criminal in Need for Speed. What kind of message is Ghost Games sending? Do the wrong thing, rebel, break the law, disobey authority, and be a public nuisance. That certainly makes the world a better place doesn't it? Nothing like brain washing the youth into destroying things that are good, wholesome, uplifting, and honorable.

I will have a review for Need for Speed in issue #104 of the fabulous, fantastic, and fun Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. There was so much bad content in Need for Speed that we decided not to do a video capture of it. Need for Speed turned our stomachs in so many ways that no one wanted to ever see this law breaking video game again. EA would have to pay me to play Need for Speed on the PS4 ever again. I won't hold my breath for that to happen. Nor should you. I am starting to see why so many gamers dislike EA after playing Need for Speed on the Playstation 4.
{01/24/2016} - Frank


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