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NHL 17 


Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of NHL 17 on the Xbox One after the failures of the PR and Marketing firm of the company that made this hockey video game. EA Sports is showing why a monopoly of one company making a certain kind of a sports game is a bad thing. The NHL franchise continues to flounder. No wonder it could be purchased for thirty dollars on Black Friday. NHL 17 is way too online heavy. This hockey game contains Play Now, Customize, Online Versus, Online Shootout, Draft Champions (Online), Ultimate Team (Online), Hockey League (Online), Team Play, Franchise, Be A Pro Career, Season, Playoff, World Cup of Hockey 2016, Offline Shootout, and Practice Mode. Too much online. It would be great for local multiplayer in things like Draft Champions, and Ultimate Team. EA Canada does not provide for us.

Certain settings like the penalties kept resetting after every game. This is really lame in my opinion. I should be able to set it once in World Cup of Hockey 2016 and it stays that way through the entire mode. It is really easy to initiate fights in NHL 17. I found a slider that would lower the amount of fights. NHL 17 needs some competition and soon. NHL 17 is worth ten dollars brand new. Look for a review of NHL 17 in issue #114 of the always awesome Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. Families can have some fun with NHL 17, especially if they are willing to go online with it. Note the Internet plan needs to be high enough to afford that. There are a meager amount of regular offline modes for family to spend some time with. That is why I put the price of this game at ten dollars.

The regular controls in NHL 17 are unbearable. Thankfully there are older controls available in this home console hockey video game. Which is a sad testament to the lack of competition for this game. EA Sports needs some other company to take away this monopoly. I do not think the NHL series will leave its floundering any time soon. Maybe EA Canada will develop something better for EA Sports. That won't come until next year. As of right now NHL 17 is a disappointment, especially considering how much money Family Friendly Gaming spent on this hockey video game.
{12/06/2016} - Frank


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