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NHL 16



NHL 16 


I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming rented a copy of NHL 16 on the Playstation 4 for this review, since the EA PR and Marketing failed us so miserably. This franchise is continuing to flounder with few improvements, and a nasty obsession with the online game modes. Offline gamers are getting poked right in the eye by EA Sports. Obviously they do not want your money. I would put the value of NHL 16 at around ten dollars. Any more money than that and you are wasting your money. I will have a review for NHL 16 on the Xbox One and PS4 in issue #104 of the always amazing, and super professional Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. I can give you a little peek - NHL 16 did not impress me. Glitches continue to haunt this franchise.

The one positive I found in NHL 16 is it is much harder to fight than it was a few years ago. The intros and end of the game look nice. The announcers are fun to listen to, even when they get it wrong. This is a video game after all. NHL 16 needs some competition. The lack of competition means this franchise has little interest in getting better. The controls in NHL 16 are horrendous. EA Canada is trying to make this game more difficult than it should be - even on the easiest setting. Do they think casual and family gamers love it when the player won't shoot the puck. Or how about shooting fifty times and making two of them?

NHL 16 was a disappointment for everyone here at Family Friendly Gaming. Hopefully EA can turn it around next year. I honestly do not expect them to though. I expect another limp forward with too many online game modes, and not enough offline local game play modes. Don't worry the scoring of NHL 16 will reflect how EA Sports has been neglecting families, and local game play. Family Friendly Gaming is not part of the bought off gaming media. We stay the course of truth, and advocating for consumer rights. No matter how much these companies punish us for it.
{01/23/2016} - Frank


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