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Monster Hunter Generations 


One of the accounts here at Family Friendly Gaming received two codes for the demo of Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo 3DS. I know what all ya'll are thinking. Monster Hunter games have been terrible. Why waste time with such a bad franchise? I was curious if Capcom finally fixed the plethora of problems Family Friendly Gaming has documented over the years. I wanted to see if Capcom had decided to stop be so exclusionary and start being inclusive. Would Capcom mature their franchise to the point where it would be family friendly? Or would they spit in the face of families and Christians again? I had real hope that Capcom would finally do the right thing with Monster Hunter Generations. The bad news is the demo shows none of that. Monster Hunter Generations is as bad as previous games, if not worse.

The demo of Monster Hunter Generations contains blood, enticement to lust, violence, hunting, gathering, one mission, lack of attire, ultra tough enemies, confusing controls and more. Why can't Capcom clean up Monster Hunter Generations? I guess the measly hardcore gamer population will be able to sustain this franchise for another game. Casual gamers, and families will want to flee from Monster Hunter Generations. I expect the same boring monotony in Monster Hunter Generations that was in the previous games. There are also really slow weapons that can be used in the demo of Monster Hunter Generations. So slow that the enemies have moved away by the time the attack finally registers. As of right now I put the value of Monster Hunter Generations at ten dollars. That is being very generous too.
{06/28/2016} - Teen Gamer


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