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Kirby Planet Robobot



Kirby Planet Robobot 


All of the violent content within Kirby Planet Robobot makes me think this hand held video game deserves an E10+ rating. What does that mean? There is so much violence in Kirby Planet Robobot that I believe this game is for ten and older only. Kirby Planet Robobot is too violent for six year olds. That is my opinion on that matter. You can agree or disagree. I do not understand why Nintendo gets a pass on the violence when other companies in the industry do not. I understand Nintendo has carefully crafted a public image. I care more about truth than some fake image that company executives manufacture.

I am so sick and tired of having to get so many items in a world to unlock the boss level. I had to replay certain levels multiple times to get enough Borg cubes to unlock things going forward. This Nintendo game play mechanic made me angry in the real world. I beat a level, then the next one should open up for me. This annoying manufactured replay mechanic is one of the things in the video game industry that needs to be fixed. If we do not speak out on this issue it will never get corrected. I think Kirby needs to be given a break, he has been in too many video game releases in recent years. I plan on having a review of this game in issue #112.
- Teen Gamer


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