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Grand Kingdom



Grand Kingdom 


I was pretty excited when my dad forwarded an email to me from NIS America. We are one of their favorite people, and they gave us a code for the Beta version of Grand Kingdom. I know what you are thinking. Why play a Beta version of a game? Why should we be the unpaid QC analyst for any company? All the work we do makes them all kinds of money already. Why should we be their slaves? I hoped for the best. Then I saw how huge the download was. We are talking five gigs. CRAZY! I hope when we get a final reviewable copy we receive a physical copy as has been done for decades in the video game industry. Why should we have to pay a fifty dollar Internet usage fee for such a large download? When did companies decided to move distribution costs onto the gaming media and consumers? Why aren't more gaming sites stand up for consumer rights?

The ESRB descriptors in Grand Kingdom are Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol. I saw all of these things in Grand Kingdom and more. In fact I did some digging and found false gods in Grand Kingdom. Why can't the Judeo Christian belief set be reinforced in these games instead of attacked? Why don't they celebrate the Judeo Christian belief set in a country founded by Christians? Grand Kingdom also has magic, witches, demons, demonic weapons, guns, and more. The combat battles in Grand Kingdom are really strange. There are three lines with characters on them. They can move between lines and toward other characters. Grand Kingdom obsesses over image with the prestige points.

The intro in Grand Kingdom is really cool. I should denote that Grand Kingdom Beta is not really a Beta. In fact it is more like a demo version. In fact it asked me to pay for the full game after beating the demo. How crazy is that? The English voices in Grand Kingdom are good. I noticed the map movement is like a board game (clunky). The main char in the demo of Grand Kingdom is a mercenary. The combat feels really strange, but it works. Please note that you can hurt your own characters with friendly fire in Grand Kingdom. The demo of Grand Kingdom is really short too. I liked applying skill points to improve my characters. Battles can be fought in the cool and amazing offline game mode, or the dreaded and despised online game play mode.
{04/30/2016} - Teen Gamer


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