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Final Fantasy XV 


Right after Christmas I saw Final Fantasy XV selling for $39.99. The game was just released under a month ago (at that point in time). A drop of one third is pretty drastic for a spanking brand new game. My guess was the lack of Christmas sales, and retailers wanted to move the dead beat games. I have heard from plenty within Family Friendly Gaming Universe that ya'll won't purchase the game until Family Friendly Gaming reviews it. Still forty-four dollars with tax is pretty pricey for a game that might really stink. My dad came up with a good idea. He paid half and I paid half. That way we both spent less and we had the game to play for a preview, and review. You might have guessed the PR and Marketing for Square Enix failed us again. All because we called them out on breaking promises and failing to reply to multiple communications. Things we find unprofessional. And after all of the nice things Family Friendly Gaming has done for them over the years. Talk about being ungrateful Square Enix.

I plan on a review of Final Fantasy XV in issue #116 of Family Friendly Gaming. I am already over two thirds through this game. Final Fantasy XV is short. So the retail price is exceptionally high. I value Final Fantasy XV at twenty to twenty-five dollars. The characters are interesting. The story is interesting. The graphics look nice, and the music is good. Final Fantasy XV does have its bad side too though. There is enticement to lust, lack of attire, false gods, violence, magic, bad language and more. I also hate only leveling up at an inn or at the end of the short chapters. The areas are large, but not very interesting. Final Fantasy XV is more of an action adventure hacker than a true RPG. We do not have turn based battles in Final Fantasy XV. Which hurts this game. The driving mechanics in Final Fantasy XV are very clunky too.
{12/30/2016} - Teen Gamer


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