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Final Fantasy Explorers 


Final Fantasy Explorers on the Nintendo 3DS is a huge disappointment. This violent action adventure hack and slash role playing game is like Monster Hunter. Take away the gallons of blood, add in some Final Fantasy characters, music, magic, and themes; viola we get Final Fantasy Explorers. I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming purchased a copy of Final Fantasy Explorers on the Nintendo 3DS. The PR and Marketing for Square Enix utterly flopped with the millions within Family Friendly Gaming Universe. Won't be seeing this game in the ultra popular Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame any time soon. Final Fantasy Explorers tries to do that lame online thing with players fighting on even lamer quests. There is also a local multiplayer if every player has a copy of Final Fantasy Explorers.

I hope to have a review of Final Fantasy Explorers in issue #106 or issue #107 of the awe inspiring Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. As of right now I value Final Fantasy Explorers at the five to ten dollar price range. This game is violent with enticement to lust, and promotes false gods/goddesses. Why won't Square Enix regionalize/localize their role playing games for the American audience where the majority poll as Christian? Are they just trying to proselytize their religious beliefs? When Christians share their faith some people go psycho, and fill with anger and hatred. Yet when other religions do it, those same people are deeply silent. Why the double standard? Another black eye on the video game industry.

There are twenty jobs to explore in Final Fantasy Explorers if you feel like it. There really is no need, or no point to them. The bosses are boring and repetitive in Final Fantasy Explorers. The quests are even more yawn inducing. The story is nearly non-existant. The music in Final Fantasy Explorers is nice, but it is just rehash that is ported from other Final Fantasy video games. Seeing different characters from previous Final Fantasy games is cool for about five seconds. I recommend Family Friendly Gaming Universe refrain from purchasing this hand held video game. Save your money for something better.
{03/18/2016} - RPG Master


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