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Farm Expert 2017 


Family Friendly Gaming was recently provided a digital download code for Farm Expert 2017 on Steam. This farming video game is massive in terms of download size. It was over 13.4 gigs. Which is crazy huge. Families with budget Internet plans will not even be able to download this game because it is larger than their entire monthly allotment. I hope there is a physical copy of Farm Expert 2017 to reach families in that situation, and for the millions upon millions within the physical copy movement. The loading times in Farm Expert 2017 are insanely long. Hopefully that is because this farming game is in beta. Farm Expert 2017 looks nice and the game play area is small, so I am not sure why it needs to take so long to load.

The main menu screen has some seriously loose mouse controls. That sensitivity can be adjusted inside the game. There are options for controls, audio, and video in Farm Expert 2017. Which is cool since it can be tailored to your system and your tastes. The tutorial in Farm Expert 2017 is lacking, especially when compared to the Farming Simulator series. The farm music will thrill you or give you a headache. There is very limited controller support in Farm Expert 2017. This should not surprise me since there are so many controls in Farm Expert 2017. Oh and you can drive your tractor into the little lake and stall it out. The lag in Farm Expert 2017 made me yearn for this game to appear on the home consoles. There is one village in Farm Expert 2017 - a small one in Europe.

The main game play modes in Farm Expert 2017 are free ride, tutorial, and join the game. Free ride is where you go around and do whatever you want to within reason. I wish I had unlimited funds when I did that. Or more than 70K. Tutorial lets you drive (or walk) around the area. There are question marks that tell you what can be done in certain locations. Join the game is where you join a local LAN, or Internet game. So the multiplayer version of Farm Expert 2017. It took some time to adapt to the controls in Farm Expert 2017. A couple of us here at Family Friendly Gaming got headaches from playing Farm Expert 2017.
{09/03/2016} - Paul


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