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Dragon Quest Builders 


Square Enix PR and Marketing failed us completely. Which is why I am so pleased Family Friendly Gaming stepped up to the plate and did the right thing by purchasing a copy of Dragon Quest Builders on the Playstation 4. This Minecraft clone masterfully merges the Dragon Quest role playing franchise with the crafting and mining mega franchise. We find people, do quests, mine for things, craft things, and build our towns. Defenses are very important in Dragon Quest Builders since your town will get attacked by monsters. Quests teach us how to do things in Dragon Quest Builders. I learned so much from each of the quests in Dragon Quest Builders. I enjoyed finding new people and growing the towns.

There are issues families want to know about in Dragon Quest Builders. There is religious indoctrination and prosletizing of a false goddess, violence, blood, bad language, enticement to lust, undead, monsters, and more. Do not try to swim in Dragon Quest Builders. You will sink like a rock and lose some hit points. Also remember to feed your character. There is plenty of food to find in Dragon Quest Builders. Once a kitchen is built then your villagers will actually cook food for you. Which is really cool. I loved finding food in that chest.

Dragon Quest Builders has its issues. Dragon Quest Builders has its problems. There are a few content items I wish Square Enix had left off. I hated making a change to a room and having to wait for it to tell me the room was destroyed. Then I would add the new item, and I got a second message it was now a certain kind of a room again. Dragon Quest Builders has some charm to it. I plan on having a full and comprehensive review in issue #114 of the Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. Until then hold off on a purchase. Unless you can find it brand new for under thirty dollars.
{11/19/2016} - Paul


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