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This rewards program I am a part of offered me a free physical copy of Ultimate NES Remix on the Nintendo 3DS. Since we support the physical copy movement here at Family Friendly Gaming I was all over that offer. Used up all of my built up points but it was well worth it. Sort of a late Christmas present for me, that winds up giving to Family Friendly Gaming Nation. This preview is just the start of what we will do with this hand held video game. We also plan on reviewing it in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming.

Ultimate NES Remix is addicting. I would keep trying after failing. At the same time Ultimate NES Remix is the most irritating, annoying, frustrating game I have played in years. These retro games like to mess with players. Say I needed to complete one lap in Excitebike without crashing. The NPC riders would move all over the track. Sometimes moving right in front of me, and other times not. Not being able to predict their behavior lead to failures on my part. Another way of expressing that is Ultimate NES Remix gets cheap at times.

Even though these are not full retro games, it is fun to go back to them. What is even better is seeing the variety of changes. Things like playing Link in the original Donkey Kong game, or Kirby in Mario levels. There are tons of unlockable short little levels in Ultimate NES Remix. Even if I scored low in a level I did not want to replay them. Which made most of Ultimate NES Remix a one shot for me. Thankfully there is no 3D in Ultimate NES Remix to worry about.
{01/09/2015} - Paul


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