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The Song Album 


Family Friendly Gaming was recently provided the CD for The Song Album. This is the sound track for the movie The Song. Which is a modern day love story based on the Song of Solomon. The back of the CD package has a really cool quote. That quote is: "Even the Wisest of Men was a fool for love." Which is rather telling zinger since the biggest knock against King Solomon was his weakness for women. He showed his lack of contentment and it wound up messing up the kingdom of Isreal.

The Song Album contains fifteen songs. They are The Song (Awaken Love), Son of a King, Kentucky Voice, Split The Baby, You Made Me Love You, Can't Hold On, I Love You Truly, Confetti, All I Wanna Be, Falling Like Stars, Ooh's and Ahhh's, Prayer in Open D, Chasing After The Wind, Turn, Turn, Turn (To Everything There is a Season), and End of the Matter. My personal favorite on The Song Album is Chasing After The Wind. The irritation and anger he expressed as the end is very poignant.

There are themes of faith, and doing God's will in the songs on the The Song Album CD. There is also a deep message of love and doing romance the right way. The Song Album has a bluegrass feel to many of the songs. There is also some country in The Song Album. There is a song on the The Song Album CD that is more heavy metal. I am thankful we were provided this product to write about. Warning Chasing After The Wind can be a bit depressing.
{02/09/2015} - Paul


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