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After finishing up playing one of the cartridge physical copy Nintendo 3DS games a strange message appeared. Nintendo was invading my privacy, and invading my machine that I paid for, and they shoved some new icon down my throat. It was for the free app (aka repeat pay to play) video game Stretchmo. We liked Pushmo, so I clicked on it. It told me it had to go to the Nintendo eShop to download. I played along figuring at the very least Family Friendly Gaming would get a preview out of it. We needed a preview for this week too, so it worked out. After the system updated, it forgot what it was doing and I had to repeat the process from the icon. Finally it errored out telling me there was not enough space on the SD card. I wondered how big this game was since I have over 104K in blocks free. I ignored the false error and it continued.

Stretchmo lets you play the tutorial levels, and then wants money for the rest of the game. Each area can be purchased one at a time for around $14.00 total, or all areas can be purchased at the same time for around $10.00. That means Stretchmo is one of the dreaded downloadable only video games. No physical copy means no sale from me. If a company is so lazy that they won't release physical copies they won't get my money. It is that simple. That is also why there won't be a review of Stretchmo any time soon. I like the new game play mechanic of being able to pull blocks out to the left and right. That adds a nice dimension to this Nintendo 3DS video game. I really hope Nintendo wakes up from this free app haze soon. Their low image is dropping even worse in my eyes as they continue to do less and expect more money for it.
{06/05/2015} - Paul


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