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Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a copy of the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle CD. This bluegrass CD contains twelve songs. They are Leaving Crazytown, Hello Goodbye, You're Gone, It's A Long, Long, Way To the Top of the World, She's A Taker, Mattie's Run, Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me, That Ground's Too Hard to Plow, You Can't Take Jesus Away, Every Time You Leave, Not Fade Away, and Take A Look. There is some nice musical and vocal range shown in the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle CD. I enjoyed listening to it for this article. Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle CD was produced by Steve Gulley, and published by Rural Rhythm. Mattie's Run is an instrumental song.

The lessons on the Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle CD are leaving a bad area, avoiding someone you don't want to see, avoiding the sad things in life, dealing with loss and loneliness, accepting the reality of someone leaving, regretting mistakes made, wanting to go back in time and change things, the dangers of ambition, work is not as important as love, people that just take for themselves, the damages selfish people do, beauty is only skin deep, wanting some people to change their behaviors, some things are too much effort, you will not take Jesus from us, how much damage leaving does, let you know how I feel, and understand what you are going to lose.

For me personally She's A Taker is very poignant. See right now I am dealing with all kinds of selfish people in the PR industry. It is amazing how many hundreds of millions of dollars our work at Family Friendly Gaming has made for a variety of companies and PR firms. Very few in the PR industry show thankfulness. Let alone share anything of value. They want us to spend all our money making them wealthy, while they never share. The salt on the open wound is when they brag about how many hundreds of millions to billions of dollars they have made. Money they would not have made without the tireless work from those of us out here promoting their products. What is sick is we have really low advertising rates too, and they could easily make a financial contribution. So that song hit me in the right place at the right time.
{04/15/2015} - Paul


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