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Star Wars Battlefront 


I am so thankful that Family Friendly Gaming rented Star Wars Battlefront on the Playstation 4. This war game is gorgeous looking in terms of characters, vehicles, and environments. I am shocked with all this death and violence the ESRB gave it a thirteen and older rating. The real question most older gamers ask is how does this game stack up to previous Star Wars Battlefront video games. Graphically Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One is way better. The sounds are also better. The modes, and options are a bit lacking. There is also a whole lot less characters running around which makes battles take much longer. I stayed away from the online features since they are such a drain on Internet usage. Star Wars Battlefront took forever to download. While I was waiting I got bored playing with Darth Vader. They expected me to murder rebels over and over again.

I hope to have a review for Star Wars Battlefront in Family Friendly Gaming issue #102, or #103. Not sure yet where it will fall. Until that time I recommend families wait for Star Wars Battlefront to come down to twenty to twenty-five dollars. I am disappointed that Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4, PC and Xbox One went away from its original intent. I also miss having all kinds of heroes and major villains fight it out on maps. Survival mode felt more like a tower defense to me. If you need more information before the review is online, check out the videos on our Youtube channel, and in our video section of the website.
{11/29/2015} - Teen Gamer


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