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Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided the Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition CD for this preview. This Rural Rhythm Records CD contains eleven songs. The songs are Lower Than Lonesome, Lessons Learned, I Think Of You, Sweet Rosa Lee, Deep Part Of Your Heart, Reno's Mando Magic, Trail of Sorrow, All That's Worth Remembering, Our Last Good-Bye, Bad News At Home, Always Late. Reno's Mando Magic is an instrumental song. Always Late has a special guest - David Frizzell. The Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition CD starts very country and then goes blue grass quickly.

The lessons on the Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition CD are dealing with depression, dealing with loneliness, healing takes time, we learn lessons every day, other people teach you lessons, regret and loss, strength coming from your loved ones, being thankful for others in our lives, thinking of those you care about, we need to be back home with our loved ones, figuring out what God has planned for us, only a few can receive the deepest part of our love, God is the biggest part of our lives, recognizing pain and suffering is coming up soon, how much pain alcohol brings, how much pain fighting brings, how bad gambling is for us, apologize for your mistakes, give it one more chance, consider giving your loved one another chance, do not lie, do not cheat, dealing with bad news, being a bad boy, facing the consequences, and men being neglected by their women.

Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition CD has a great sound with plenty of lessons learned. I like some of the things done in the final song on this CD. Always Late is a Bonus Song that fits this CD masterfully well. If you like country or bluegrass you will find songs to enjoy on the Ronnie Reno and the Reno Tradition CD. I am very thankful Family Friendly Gaming was provided this CD.
{04/06/2015} - Paul


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