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Poncho is an upcoming video game release from publisher Rising Star Games, and developer Delve Interactive. This plane shifting video game will appear on the Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, Wii U, and Personal Computer. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for Poncho on Steam. The download for Poncho was just under four hundred megs. As you know we put the ceiling at one gig for any downloadable product. If it goes over one gig then it needs to be presented to the industry in physical format. Poncho is way under the ceiling, and acceptable as a downloadable video game. I still hope Poncho comes out in a physical format. Or maybe on some compilation physical copy disc. Poncho is definitely within the indie bubble graphically, and with the sounds. Push through the black parts of the screen to get to the next level. I was provided that instruction and it fits with the situations. Be patient for the next screen to load, and follow any on screen instructions.

Poncho is all about shifting between planes on the screen. This concept is seen quite often on the Nintendo 3DS. It is rare to see such foreground and background interaction in a game outside of the Nintendo 3DS. It works marvelously for Poncho. I had no problems shifting, and saw how the developer can make some frustrating sections to get through when the platforms are shifting themselves. I hope the final release has players shift with a platform they are standing on. The Beta version I played of Poncho dropped me to my death when the platform I was on shifted. It is really hard to time my characters shifting with the objects. There are some interesting robotic looking characters in Poncho. I enjoyed finding new skills while I played Poncho.

Originally Poncho was supposed to release in June of 2015. However I was just provided information from the Editor in Chief that Poncho is going to be bumped out. I am not sure how far. Lord willing Poncho will arrive for families by Christmas 2015. What I saw was really polished, and almost ready for publishing. Hopefully the few issues I ran into will be corrected before the final official and complete launch. I am going to request a reviewable copy of Poncho on the Playstation 4. Unless Family Friendly Gaming Universe would like to see us review it on another system. The shifting in Poncho is really cool, and this video game has the potential to be a sleeper hit. I am puzzled as to why there is no Nintendo 3DS version of Poncho coming soon.
{05/30/2015} - Teen Gamer


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