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Pokemon Shuffle 


Cabbana Boy told me about Pokemon Shuffle being a free to download app on the Nintendo 3DS. I missed the Family Friendly Gaming news story on the game. I should have paid attention, but we are human and can make mistakes. Anyways I wanted to give Cabbana Boy credit for pointing me to this free app on the 3DS. Pokemon Shuffle is a lot like Candy Crush. Pokemon Shuffle is mainly unplayable unless you have Streetpass friends to give you hearts. Players are given five hearts every thirty minutes. That is every thirty minutes you log into the game. You can not wait hours, then play it with tons of hearts waiting on you.

Pokemon Shuffle is designed to drain your bank account as fast as possible. The design of this game lets gamers play for a few minutes, and then wait forever to play again. Catching the Pokemon in Pokemon Shuffle can be annoying unless you spend coins or gems. Both commodities are hard to accrue. Unless you give Nintendo real world money. Pokemon Shuffle is the perfect definition of repeat pay to play. I don't know if I want to spend the time and money to review Pokemon Shuffle. This downloadable only cash grab is sub standard, rage inducing, and designed to further Nintendo's greed.

Gamers need to capture the Pokemon. Even if you absolutely demolish one you may get a low chance of catching them. Why is that a big deal? Because you need them to catch harder Pokemon. Pokemon Shuffle is designed to force gamers to pay Nintendo money over and over again. Pokemon Shuffle is a throw away, forgettable, free app that makes Nintendo look bad. I do not want a sequel to this game. I hope it dies out quickly and my fellow gamers do not financially support it. Take my advice, and do not download Pokemon Shuffle. Do not play it if you have downloaded it. Just delete it. Send Nintendo a message.
{02/25/2015} - Kid Gamer


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