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Pokemon Rumble World 


Pokemon Rumble World fits Nintendo's natural progression of doing less and expecting more money. This is a free to download, and free to start playing downloadable only hand held video game. Players need gems to buy hot air balloons that take them to areas. Well you can go to that one area every thirty minutes. Areas start cheap enough, but before long the areas cost twenty, thirty, fifty, and more gems to unlock. To make matters worse players can earn one to two gems a day. If you want to do the same tasks over and over again daily for months then you could enjoy Pokemon Rumble World. The walls that slow down the game play are what really bother me. Unless you pay Nintendo. Then you hit another wall really soon, and have to pay them again. This is why Pokemon Rumble World is a repeat pay to play app.

Levels in Pokemon Rumble World are really short. I can beat some of them in under two minutes. Then wait thirty minutes to play again. Pokemon Rumble World is free to download, but why waste your time. It really ruins the Pokemon Rumble franchise with its repetitive game play and repeat pay to play design. Nintendo is trying to cash in on the free app craze that millions of families are turning away from. I might decide to review Pokemon Rumble World in a future issue of Family Friendly Gaming. Right now I have wasted enough time on this greatly flawed downloadable only Nintendo 3DS video game. The ESRB rated this game Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY with descriptors Fantasy Violence, and Comic Mischief.
{04/28/2015} - Teen Gamer


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