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PES 2016 


Family Friendly Gaming rented a copy of PES 2016 on the Xbox 360 recently. This soccer based video game is also on the Personal Computer, Playtation 3, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. The highly divisive and controversial word is still being used in this franchise. Probably why haters of Christians support this game so radically. We continue to hope Konami will do the respectful, classy, kind, loving, and tolerant thing and pick a better word. Family Friendly Gaming will continue to use the acronyms to describe this home console sport video game. I figure we will purchase PES 2016 when it comes down to the ten to twenty dollar range. The modes are way too online heavy, and not enough to warrant the current extremely high prices. PES 2016 is a great example of an over priced video game. It will drop in price in the coming months. This time next year it will be dirt cheap. Makes intelligent gamers stay a year behind in purchasing video games.

PES 2016 is a disappointment from last year. Don't listen to the corrupted gaming media sites that are bought off and love it. Family Friendly Gaming is giving it to you real, and straight up. The soccer action in PES 2016 can be fun. It still feels good there. All of those annoying mandatory replays have worn out their welcome. It is my plan to have a full review of PES 2016 in issue #100 of the Family Friendly Gaming magazine. Is there enough good in PES 2016 to warrant a passing score? Or has this franchise fallen from grace into the failing section? Read that issue to find out.
{10/05/2015} - Paul


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