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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 


A big shout out goes to the wonderful member of Family Friendly Gaming Nation that sent us a download code for the demo of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the Nintendo 3DS. Those blessed enough to receive these codes from Nintendo can play in two quests. You have an unlimited amount of times you can play those two levels. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has online and offline modes. I did not try to find anyone online. After playing each of the two levels I really did not feel like playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate again. The download for these two levels was over 1,700 blocks.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate continues the Monster Hunter franchise like previous games. Enemies shed more blood than the size of their entire bodies as we hack and slash into them with a variety of different weapons. Owners of the demo of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate can try their hand at different weapons. Carving dead bodies produces a variety of different items like meat, hide, bones, teeth, and more. Two helpers came with me on the two quests in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Sometimes they were helpful. Sometimes they were not very helpful. After beating a quest the game suggest you go to the Nintendo eShop.

Aside from the violence, and blood, I noticed enticement to lust issues in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I recognized a variety of the creatures in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate from previous games. The details look good in some areas, and not so great in others. The weapons, and creatures look good. The ground does not look so good. The sounds in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate remind me of previous games. The camera can be a problem when you are dealing with a mob of monsters. What you can not see will hurt you. I did not find one of the improvements Family Friendly Gaming asked for. Hopefully they are in the full version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
{01/26/2015} - Sam


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