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Minecraft Xbox One Edition 


I saw Minecraft Xbox One Edition on sale during Black Friday. I know plenty of Minecraft fans are dumping the game due to Microsoft purchasing Mojang. I also know plenty of people do not like Microsoft. I am also aware of Microsoft being very anti-Christian. So I started playing Minecraft Xbox One Edition with my eyes wide open. I know the controversies. I know the history. And finally I have learned the skills (thanks to my children) to be able to play Minecraft Xbox One Edition. By the way my kids were extremely patient with me learning how to play Minecraft on the Xbox One. Now they can enjoy this home console creativity expression experience.

We are planning a review of Minecraft Xbox One Edition in issue #91 of the Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. That issue is slotted for official online release on February 1, in the year of our Lord 2015. Microsoft faces the accusation of discrimination against Christians. I found the church and priest still in Minecraft Xbox One Edition. So either they have not gotten to it yet, or they are trying to repent from their past sins. I would like to think it is the latter, but have not been provided any evidence. Maybe Microsoft will respond this preview, and possibly the review when it is released online.

I can understand the appeal to Minecraft Xbox One Edition. I was able to created a variety of world wonders in Minecraft Xbox One Edition. My boys were very helpful in what to do use. They were patient with me, and then impressed with what I was able to create in my house inside a hill. We are hoping to find a way to release the world I created in the future. It is called Paul's Planet. A little inside joke that a few people understand. Look for that level, a video capture, and the review.
{01/06/2015} - Paul


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