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Miko Mole 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a preview build of Miko Mole on the Personal Computer. This downloadable only video game is similar to the Boulder Dash franchise. Which is a really good thing because that kind of a video game has been received really well here at Family Friendly Gaming Universe. Miko Mole is all about collecting those gems, and avoiding the traps and bad guys. Players must collect a certain number of gems to unlock the exit. Then they have to safely get to the exit. If an enemy or trap touches you, then players have to completely restart the level. Family Friendly Gaming was provided the first six worlds, which contained ten levels each. For a total of sixty levels. Miko Mole starts easy, and then starts to get more difficult. There were a few small glitches here and there in Miko Mole. This PC game is a lot cleaner than I was expecting it to be.

I would love to see a few minor changes to Miko Mole before it is released officially. First off it would be nice when you are in a level to know what level number it is. I did not see that when I was playing Miko Mole. Another change I would like to see is a notification on the start level screen of what time the speed bonus is. Meaning I would be in a level and the game would warn me I was about to lose the speed bonus. It would be nice at the start of the level to know what I am shooting for. It would be cool to be able to throw objects to the left and right. Not just straight down. I ran into one level where a bat was blocking a small corridor and I could not get a rock above the bat to dispose of it. I love being able to touch a bat with a rock to make it go away.

From the start of Miko Mole to the finish of the preview build, this is one solid looking video game. There will be plenty of levels, and characters for families to see. The menu screens show all kinds of quality and personality. The levels look great, and they sound great. Ensenasoft has a sleeper hit on their hands with Miko Mole. Gamers that find and play Miko Mole will thoroughly enjoy it. Families will be pleased that the controllers on the Personal Computer work marvelously with Miko Mole. At least the Logitech controller we use, worked marvelously with Miko Mole. I am very excited for the upcoming release of Miko Mole on the PC. This Steam game has a lot of potential. I expect the final release will be awesome.
{09/09/2015} - Sam


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