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Lego Jurassic World 


We purchased Lego Jurassic World on the Wii U recently and have played through it. We plan a review in an upcoming issue of the Family Friendly Gaming e-magazine. Lord willing we will get it into issue #99. Thankfully we were able to find Lego Jurassic World for half off at one retailer. Which is awesome because Lego Jurassic World is not worth fifty dollars. A good price for this game is twenty dollars. So we had to over pay a bit. Since we are ignoring attendance of  these wasteful events in person we have more finances to purchase video games. Which is a direction we prayed about progressing Family Friendly Gaming that way. I must admit personally we are so much happier, and everything flows better for us. The CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) on those events was very bad.

I am really disappointed at how short Lego Jurassic World is on the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. This home console video game is too short. Families can go back and replay to try and unearth everything. Lego Jurassic World is designed to force families to play each level at least twice to find everything. This forced replay is so last century. I want to be able to 100% complete a level the first time I play it. Lego Jurassic World denies that choice. Lego Jurassic World in terms of size feels about as big as one of the three areas of Lego City Undercover. How can Lego Jurassic World be so small and come out so many years later? This is getting ridiculous. I also worry parts of Lego Jurassic World will be re-used in Lego Dimensions.

The coolest thing in Lego Jurassic World is the off screen play on the Wii U. One player can use the television screen while the other player uses the Wii U Gamepad. This is extremely handy to families. Especially families that are sick of that funky split screen found in so many Lego video games. If you are considering a purchase of Lego Jurassic World, then please wait for the full review coming out in a month to two. I would also advise Family Friendly Gaming Universe to wait for Lego Jurassic World to drop in price. It will. Either right after Thanksgiving, or for Christmas. Which is really not that far away. All of the glitches in Lego Jurassic World have been a real disappointment. How can such a glitchy game make it to market?
{08/13/2015} - Paul


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