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Left Behind Eternal Forces



Left Behind Eternal Forces 


Back in early 2007 I purchased Left Behind Eternal Forces on the Personal Computer for $38.44. I did not have a great gaming PC back then, and there was all kinds of controversy surrounding Left Behind Eternal Forces, as well as Left Behind Games (the publisher of this product). Contrary to what some of ya'll make think we do not seek out controversy here at Family Friendly Gaming. We stand up for Christians, Christian video games, and following a God perspective on how to live life. Left Behind Eternal Forces is also a thirteen and older rated video game. I get a little anxious about reviewing Christian 'T' rated games. I know the ESRB has been known to be biased, and anti-Christian before. In fact the worldly are skilled at attacking believers. Left Behind Eternal Forces was shelved until we got a better gaming PC, and we were prepared to address it. Bigots against Christians immediately hate Left Behind Eternal Forces because it deals with the Tribulation from a Christian perspective.

We have started playing Left Behind Eternal Forces, and hope to have a review in an upcoming issue of Family Friendly Gaming by years end. This is part of our efforts to bring more Christian video games into our coverage again. The package we have came with the original book from Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, a manual, code to use the game, and codes to give to others to play online. I have no clue if those online modes are still working. I kind of doubt it after Left Behind Games went bankrupt. What I have noticed thus far is Left Behind Eternal Forces has an epic intro, great music, decent graphics, wonderful voice acting, prayers, cool tutorial, live action videos, and not many levels. There are multiple quests in each level though. Left Behind Eternal Forces is a real time strategy kind of game which felt weird at first, but it does actually work with the premise. Please pray that God guides our minds, and words when we do get to the point of being able to review Left Behind Eternal Forces.
{05/23/2015} - Paul


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