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LBX Little Battlers eXperience



LBX Little Battlers eXperience 


Family Friendly Gaming rented a copy of LBX Little Battlers eXperience on the Nintendo 3DS. A review of this hand held video game will appear in issue #100. What I can tell you about LBX Little Battlers eXperience thus far is it is a lot like the Custom Robo video games. Players attack robots with their robots. There are numerous parts that can be swapped out on the little robots in LBX Little Battlers eXperience. The robots are so small in LBX Little Battlers eXperience they fit in the hand of a child. The anime cut scenes in LBX Little Battlers eXperience look good. The rest of the game is a huge downgrade from those good looking graphics. I question the ESRB on the rating of LBX Little Battlers eXperience because the content is more like a thirteen and older rated video game.

LBX Little Battlers eXperience is being released at an over-inflated price. My preview advice is to wait for LBX Little Battlers eXperience to drop below twenty dollars before making a purchase. Plenty of families will be offended by content within LBX Little Battlers eXperience. I will relay all of that in my upcoming review in the e-magazine. An example of some of the bad content in LBX Little Battlers eXperience is violence, and enticement to lust. Until that review is released the wisest course of action your family can take is to refrain from purchasing LBX Little Battlers eXperience on the Nintendo 3DS. There are plenty of better video games on the market, and plenty of better older games that you can purchase and get more games for your money.
{09/25/2015} - RPG Master


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