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Krinkle Krusher



Krinkle Krusher 


Family Friendly Gaming was recently provided a download code for Krinkle Krusher on the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Playstation Vita. The code works universally on all three systems. Ilusis Interactive Graphics is being very kind to gamers. Pay for the game one time, and play it on all of those three systems. Kind of like what can be done with one account on the iOS platform. This kind of consumer consideration is what creates loyalty. I think there are some other companies out there who could learn from their fine example. Krinkle Krusher is a head on tower defense video game. Enemies march toward your wall, and you must launch attacks right in front of them to try and stop their advance. Too many of the enemies make it to your wall and it is game over.

Krinkle Krusher showed me an ESRB rating of E10+ - Everyone ten and older only. The two descriptors that popped up are Fantasy Violence, and Crude Humor. Both of those are definitely in this downloadable only video game. I played Krinkle Krusher on the Playstation 4 if you were wondering. There is a magical system in Krinkle Krusher. The mage and his magic hand are what fight off the enemies. Plenty of references to other well known franchises are used in Krinkle Krusher. None of them made me laugh, but then I am a Bananas Comedy kind of a guy. The main lesson in Krinkle Krusher is to plan ahead. The enemies walk in set patterns. So quickly identify and place lightning bolts, fire walls, and more in their path.

Can you have fun playing Krinkle Krusher? That depends on you. I got a bit bored with the monotony of it after an hour. I also noticed some lag in terms of the attacks. Which led me to spamming a button and using it all up. BTW when you use up something you have to wait for it to recharge. Not helpful when they keep getting close. I also could not see the bottom of the wall - to launch a final ditch attack before they hit it. Meaning the enemies would be hidden when they got too close to the wall. The music is nice, and the graphics are okay. I should note that we were provided a preview build for Krinkle Krusher. It is my hope that issues presented in this preview will be corrected when the game goes live on the Playstation Network.
{04/01/2015} - Paul


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