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Fifa 16 


Family Friendly Gaming rented a copy of Fifa 16 on the Playstation 4 recently. At the time I am writing this Fifa 16 is way over priced. It is thus far a bit better than PES 2016. I love being able to turn off all the offensive music with the press of one button. That is a nice feature. It brings up why the ESRB missed the lyrics descriptor in Fifa 16. Were they paid off by EA? Doing EA favors because they are a large financial contributor to the ESRB? I would love to have some investigative journalist get to the bottom of it. Family Friendly Gaming has been stone walled by all parties in relation to this matter. Anywho! The Fifa franchise is still trying to recover from scandals in past years. I did not find the offensive and highly divisive deviant kiss in Fifa 16. I would not put it past EA to try and sneak it in there.

I plan to have a review ready for Fifa 16 in issue #102. This home console sports game is on the Personal Computer, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. EA decided it was smart to go back a generation because they lost so many sales on Fifa 15. They tried to force families to upgrade to the latest and greatest systems(PS4 and Xbox One). Families said: "no thanks we will keep playing Fifa 14." It is always wise to wait for a game to come down in price before purchasing. In fact right before Fifa 16 came out was the best time to purchase Fifa 15. Prices continue to drop on Fifa 15. It is the perfect time to purchase it, and wait six months to a year before purchasing Fifa 16. Family Friendly Gaming will purchase Fifa 16 when it comes down to the ten to twenty dollar price range.

The announcers in Fifa 16 are a big improvement. They have interesting and very related things to say in Fifa 16. You saw our Youtube video capture right? It is also on the website in the Videos section under one of the five systems this soccer game is on. Check it out for a really good game. In fact Fifa 16 called it a fairy tale game. It was that good, and exciting. Especially at the end of the game. There are plenty of great options in Fifa 16 to make it approachable by all skill sets within the family. If you like soccer, then you should enjoy Fifa 16.
{11/11/2015} - Frank


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