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Evoland 2



Evoland 2 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a preview build for Evoland 2 on the Personal Computer. This Steam downloadable only video game expands upon the original Evoland video game in many creative ways. There are all kinds of different game play styles within Evoland 2. I spent most of my time finding out what game, or genre was being emulated. This keeps Evoland 2 fresh, fun, and engaging. Plus if you don't like any particular style or genre just wait a bit and you will eventually get through it. I played Evoland 2 as long as I could before the game would not let me progress anymore. I will have to come back to finish off this PC video game when the final version is released. Right now that is slotted for release on August 25, 2015.

Some of the content in Evoland 2 that families will want to be aware of is demons, bad language, violence, alcohol reference, helping demons, easy to get stuck, and it teaches the belief in global warming. I would put the rating for Evoland 2 around thirteen and older. The extremely lenient ESRB might even give it an everyone ten and older rating. That is if the ESRB ever rates Evoland 2. I like the creativity in Evoland 2. Shiro Games is doing something different. I can get bored of the same kinds of games especially when game developers are churning out the same thing over and over again. Evoland 2 is not part of the rehash. This is a truly creative game. The bad part is Evoland 2 is not the most family friendly video game.
{07/19/2015} - Teen Gamer


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