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Eastside Hockey Manager 2015



Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 


The Eastside Hockey Manager franchise was stopped due to lower than expected sales. Retail can be a cruel, and harsh environment. So SI Interactive and Sega let the series sit on the shelf for numerous years. They have brought it back now that digital downloads have proved financially viable. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 is a digital download only video game. I know how many of ya'll in the physical copy movement feel about download only video games. Maybe with success physical copies will return at some point for this franchise. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a Steam Early Access version of Eastside Hockey Manager 2015. Since this is not a final copy I will only do a preview.

Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 is a hockey management simulation game. That means you will have to manage players, salaries, and more. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 is a very cerebral video game that is in some ways an educational tool. Who will you hire? Who will you trade? Who will you discipline? There are numerous options available to you. My advise is take it slow with Eastside Hockey Manager 2015. Plan out your strategy and build upon it. Look at what the Seattle Seahawks have done in football. Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 lets you decide what management moves to make. Maybe they work out, getting your team into the playoffs. Maybe they do not work out.

My biggest issue with Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 is the screen would not maximize to full screen. Which is lame since there is so much to read. Some of us are getting older and could use a larger screen with larger fonts to read the in game emails, and other information. I ran into smaller issues like not being able to assign a starting goalie. I had three of them, so Eastside Hockey Manager 2015 should have let me field someone. Maybe I ran into a bug that will be cleaned up when the final version of this Personal Computer video game is released to the public. {03/30/2015} - Frank


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