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DiRT Rally 


Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for DiRT Rally on Steam (Personal Computer). This game is huge, clocking in at eight gigs. You know the Family Friendly Gaming rule on size. Anything over one gig should always be provided in physical copy format. Not doing so hurts families, especially families who can not afford massive Internet Service Provider plans and fines for going over data usage. DiRT Rally is in the early access stage which is why a preview is being written instead of a review. Early access helps the companies by having gamers be their quality control. Plus the company is paid by the gamers to play it earlier than the complete release. Although most games are very buggy in the alpha builds.

DiRT Rally lags like crazy. Even bringing the graphics down did not help much. The long race tracks are hard enough without responsive controls. I got stuck in races, and went flying off the edge every quarter of a mile or so. DiRT Rally punishes players with a time penalty for flying off a cliff. As if losing our speed was not punishment enough. Graphically DiRT Rally looks amazing. There are decent sounds in DiRT Rally as well. Do not try to run over the bystanders watching, the game will repawn you back on the track. You won't even get nine seconds to try and get back. I also noticed the repawn was glitchy in DiRT Rally. At times I was almost back on the track and it would repawn me at two. Other times I was upside down and stuck waiting for the repawn button to appear.

DiRT Rally has a lot of potential. All of the different races and modes look fun. I hope DiRT Rally appears on one of the home consoles because the controls are always better on the home consoles. Right now DiRT Rally has long load times, laggy controls, and visual lag. It has a ways to go before it ready for prime time. Lord willing DiRT Rally will make it for the full and complete release in a few months. I also believe DiRT Rally needs to appear in the physical copy realm for the millions upons millions who support the physical copy movement.
{05/04/2015} - Frank


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