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Cody Shuler CD 


A thank you goes out to Rural Rhythm for sending Family Friendly Gaming a copy of Cody Shuler's CD. It just says Cody Shuler on it so I suppose that is the only name that goes along with the CD. You know how most have an artists name and the name of the CD? This one just has Cody Shuler. I do not think I have ever seen that before. So Cody Shuler gets a gold star for doing something a bit different. The bluegrass sound he has is comforting and relaxing. Please note this is a bluegrass CD, so if you hate bluegrass, don't complain to me. Just remember there are people who appreciate this kind of music. And then stop your hating.

Cody Shuler CD contains twelve songs. They are My Home Is On This Ole Boxcar, The Beautiful Hills, Do You Wrong Kind of Girl, Listen To The Hammer Ring, The One That I Love Is Gone, When The Bonnets Were in Bloom, Three Rivers Rambler, Goodbye My Love Goodbye, Sea of Galilee, Love Me Too, Bryson Station, and The Day Love Was Nailed To A Tree. This CD was produced by Cody Shuler, recorded at Depression Lies Studios (Sevierville, TN), and engineered by Alex Hibbits. There are a few songs on the Cody Shuler CD that denote faith. Three Rivers Rambler, and Bryson Station are instrumental songs.

Some of the lessons on the Cody Shuler CD are what life on a boxcar is like, seeing the world, appreciating God's creation, how much damage cheating does, better to stay faithful, paying the price for your sins, dealing with the loss of a loved one, going on after others have left us, appreciating beauty, how love makes us feel, what we connect to the love we feel, how rejection makes us feel, regrets we live with, planning on coming back at some point in the future, be patient and wait for the one you love, how amazing Jesus was and still is, keep your eyes on Jesus, loving someone who does not love you back, all of the wonders and miracles Jesus did, how Jesus died for our sins, and how amazing Jesus Christ is.
{03/26/2015} - Yolanda


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