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There is a special place in my heart for books. Maybe because I am an author myself. Writing Video Game Lies taught me so much, and I am so thankful for the massive support and feedback that book has gotten. I wonder if a movie will be done promoting my book like is being done with Awaken Love by Kyle & Desirae Idelman. Their book has been tied to The Song movie. This is the final product in the package that came along with The Song movie. Of course if I really wanted a book to have a movie around it, I would love to see the Future Glimpses series made into movies. I know only one book has been published thus far, but I am working on the second book in the series. Hoping to get a Chronicle of Narnia series thing going with the Future Glimpses franchise. Lord willing it will happen. The people over at City on a Hill, and Sony should take a look at it.

Awaken Love is a short book that will last six weeks to read through. You can go through it quicker, but it is designed to be read like a daily devotional. Awaken Love is a marriage book for married couples. So adult only topics like sex are covered. Some of the suggestions are rather vague and can be taken a variety of different ways. The goal is to help married couples. You can glean all of the same concepts from the Holy Bible. In fact the marketing nature of Awaken Love being attached to the movie can be viewed as a quick cash grab. I was not provided any financial backing from anyone affiliation with Awaken Love. So if you buy Awaken Love you help the authors of the book, and anyone behind the marketing machine - I receive no financial assistance from them. Which means the people behind Awaken Love are not following James 5:4 very well. Since I am a worker in the field.

Awaken Love, The Song, and the Song Album are all inspired by the Song of Solomon in the Holy Bible. If you are not aware of that book then be warned it is one of the most racy books in the Holy Bible. For years I have said: "Look to God for your guidance." I am happy to see the same concept in Awaken Love. Turning to God, and following His plan for our lives is the best thing any of us can do. Marriage between one man and one woman is the foundation of our society. Jesus recognized it, and so does the Holy Bible. Awaken Love works to help couples grow in their relationships with God, and with one another. The book is really short, and have plenty of advertisements for other "related" products. The price of Awaken Love is much higher ($12.99) than I would expect as well.
{03/07/2015} - Paul


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